People should be free to participate in activities, events and any chosen career path without fear of gender, race, religion, sexuality or any other related bullying, harassment or discrimination.

If someone has the skills for the job, they’ve demonstrated that they can do the job and have proven themselves through standard selection criteria and interview process, hire them.

Review legislation, processes and penalties to ensure:

  • Open and equal media advertising and job opportunity.
  • Merit based employment and promotion.
  • Businesses work effectively and efficiently with local training providers to ensure training meets business needs and that business stay up to date with current policies and training requirements.
  • A merit based focus with preference to hire local.
  • Ongoing on-the-job training is available to all employees to encourage employers and employees to retain staff for longer and assist to retain local employees.
  • Equal pay, merit based, regardless of gender, religion, ancestral background, or physical and visual characteristics.
  • Promotion based on merit.
  • Employment be retained based on continued performance and merit.
  • Suitable and appropriate procedures and policy for people who do not meet performance and merit required to¬† perform their job function.

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