Business and finance

Review legislation, guidelines and operating framework to:

  • Make it easier for business to:
    • Understand and comply with operational legislation.
    • Understand, manage and predict financial liabilities.
  • Clarify penalties and remedies for any individual or organisation who knowingly directly and/or indirectly mishandle customer, taxpayer or other funds.
  • Ensure that people affected by intentional improper behaviour receives appropriate protection, assistance and proportionate compensation.

Review processes and penalties:

  • Relating to available funds, balances, minimum (re)payments and electronic transactions.
  • For any individual or entity who knowingly directly or indirectly mishandles customer, taxpayer or other funds.
  • For any¬†individual or entity who knowingly provides misleading, inaccurate, incorrect or legally questionable conduct and/or advice relating to directly and/or indirectly accepting and managing customer, taxpayer or other funds.

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