Public transport

More public transport use = less people on the road = less pollution = less traffic = less road maintenance costs and less stress = less road rage = happier people 🙂

  • Efficient and reliable public transport with reduced public transport costs resulting in less road congestion and less pollution.
  • Appropriate and proportionate security presence to ensure people feel safe, especially at night.
  • Appropriate cleaning to ensure a healthy and safe travel environment.
  • General WiFi integration, with data and recharging facilities available for each seat to allow people on the go to stay connected and enhance communication.
  • Dynamic, audiovisual electronic communication quality announcement and facilities at transport stops to provide people with servicing information.
  • Any public transport travelling to/within designated remote areas be fitted with publicly available emergency communications facilities.
  • Solar and wind power generators installed wherever practical and arrangements be made to efficiently use the available renewably created energy.
  • Community funded pushbikes and trikes could be made available to encourage sell and promote alternative, human powered, outdoor public transport options.
  • Review existing and potential bike paths to ensure continuity and efficient, logical and practical pathway systems.

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