I am Kai Jones, your Independent Candidate for the Kimberley.

I am a regular person with a regular job and an average wage. I have bills and taxes to pay and I try to make ends meet, just like you.

Throughout my life I’ve heard personal experiences from lots of different people about how and why government policies have made their life difficult and I’ve always wanted the chance and the choice to have direct influence on policy and make a positive difference in my community. In the end I thought ‘enough is enough’, I decided to put fingers to keyboard, consolidate my thoughts and do something about it.

I promise to act with honesty, transparency, purpose and integrity to fulfill my objectives on behalf of our community who have provided me the privilege of being their proudly elected representative, to enact policies which leave a legacy that we can all be proud of for many generations.

I’m your Independent: no party line to toe, no sneaky preference deals, no lobbyists or vested interests to appease. I work for the people – every vote is a conscience vote.

Among other things I stand for:
– Functional transparency, honesty, accountability and logic in Government and process.
– Cut the puppet strings: ban political donations. Pollies work for the people, not for vested interests.
– Economically responsible Governments who don’t abuse or waste our tax money.
– No golden handshakes – you don’t deserve the perks when you’re not in the job.
– Pollies to receive their pensions after 65, just like the rest of us.
– Political and corporate responsibility and accountability.
– Long term renewable energy commitment and environmental sustainability.
– Affordable, logical, sustainable higher education, health, infrastructure and welfare systems.
– Keep it local: support local training, jobs and sustainable, long term economic ecosystems.

I aim to bring positive difference and positive change for people. I act for and on behalf of myself and people to bring the focus back to the people, rather than on parties, lobbyists and faceless power brokers.

I’m running my campaign with my own resources, time and money, I have to be efficient to get the word out above the rest of the noise and media bias.

The most important part of my job is supporting the well founded, sound voice of my community, and speaking up for people who might not otherwise have a voice.

With your support I can do this, together we can make change!

Vote 1 – Kai Jones
Your Independent Candidate for the Kimberley


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