Amateur “ham” radio

Amateur radio, or “ham radio” as it’s also known, is a worldwide, volunteer, social radio group who explores and experiments with radiocommunications, allowing people regardless of age, gender, race or religion to share ideas and help each other advance whilst also advancing technology, leading innovation and providing key communications availability during emergencies.

Not only does amateur radio provide opportunity to communicate locally and around the word by voice and morse code without using a mobile phone but with the right equipment we can also send faxes, photo’s, interact through repeaters to people all over the world and even operate our own private TV stations.
We bounce signals off the moon with a mechanism called “moon bounce” and we even have communication with fellow amateur operators on the International Space Station.
Who knows what else is possible…

Examples of regular amateur radio events or involvement are:

A prime example of amateur radio’s vital role in emergencies:
“Amateur radio today”

I’d like to see:

  • Registered training providers and accredited training organisations to work with ACMA, WIA and other associated organisations and individuals to allow skills developed in amateur radio certifications to be recognised as a certified standard in their applicable disciplines clone at a state and federal level as recognition of equivalent or prior learning with reference to employment and educational opportunities and requirements.
  • Mutually respectful interactivity between Government departments and experimental radiofrequency licensees.
  • Mutually respectful regulations applied to radio spectrum where commercial radio operations and non-commercial operators are likely to cause direct or indirect interference to each other.
  • People who provide emergency communications be appropriately shop supported and provided official recognition to raise awareness of their role and the services provided by the amateur radio community.
  • People who provide innovative ideas to be afforded equal access to shared spectrum.

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