Why vote for me?

A vote for me is a vote for our community, bringing the focus back to the people, rather than on parties, lobbyists and faceless power brokers.

We keep hearing:
“If we want your opinion we’ll give it to you”
we should be hearing:
“This is your community, you live here, you know the people and the area, what would you like to see happen?”

I’m standing as an Independent because I don’t believe the existing parties truly represent the people who voted for them, the parties are so busy engaging in the usual negativity and scaremongering to win votes that they look to have forgotten the fundamental reason for an election – to provide a voice for the community.

I’ll leave scaremongering and negative campaigns to the others while I bring positivity into on otherwise negative political landscape and focus on being a voice for my community.

With your support I can do it, together we can make change!

Vote 1 – Kai Jones
Your Independent Candidate for the Kimberley

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