Violence, families and support

There is no excuse for violence or abuse.
Violence is not gendered, nor is it limited to visible, physical scars.

Considering the fundamental importance of a strong and functional family unit, Governments must provide adequate and appropriate funding and resources so families experiencing difficulty can (re)build long term family stability, and avoid the horrible, tragic and preventable rates of violence, suicide and murders often associated with custody battles.

Fair, objective and unbiased policy, law, courts and support services are required to ensure all victims and perpetrators can receive appropriate support and/or accountability based on situational circumstance to achieve positive and objective outcomes.

Objective mediation is strongly supported and encouraged; any separation agreement must be made and agreed to in fair and objective circumstances without any form of bullying, fear, prejudice or bias. The agreement must deliver mutual outcomes which are in the best interest of the family.

  • Everyone affected by violence and/or abuse needs access to adequate support without fear of alienation, humiliation and social stigma including the incorrect assertion that recognising and supporting violence against one gender will detract from support already available to another gender.
  • Following from the above; Governments, courts and related entities must provide objective campaigns and support to families and individuals, based on facts and actual situational circumstance rather than unhelpful media bias, social engineering and associated interference including historically “traditional” gender roles which incorrectly infer that only one gender can provide appropriate care for children.
  • Legal avenues for families and children need objective balance, process and rulings related to the best interest of the child without alienating a parent or carer; any media reports must be contextually factual and with full reference to a court ruling.
  • Ensure that people affected by intentionally false assertions, slander, behaviour, (court) orders or claims receive appropriate protection, assistance and proportionate compensation as appropriate to their circumstance; people who make knowingly false claims and/or (court) orders to be made appropriately accountable for their actions and pay costs.
  • Domestic violence campaigns and assistance must be targeted at and available to all victims, void of bias, selectivity and incorrect social, moral or statistical hype.
  • Spreading gender related hate and hyping selective statistics only benefits those with an interest in a hateful and selective outcome – any entity or individual who directly or indirectly financially benefits from gender related hate, domestic violence campaigns, associated actions or selective portrayal shall have those funds objectively distributed to victims who are entitled to support but have little or no access to support services.
  • Law, courts, support and support services must understand and recognise:
    • The new cost of maintaining two households.
    • The significant life, financial and related stresses and general impact imparted on families before, during and after significant family stress events.
    • two words – joint custody only. Both parents need a continued relationship and bonding time with their children, forcing any parent from their child has a high probability of significant, immediate, unnecessary and avoidable decay in mental and physical health.
    • Any parent known or likely to provide negative sentiment, suggestions or attitude about the other parent will be accompanied by a mentor during visits to assist children in having as much objective and positive support as possible.
  • Maintenance schedules appropriate to individual circumstances including number of children and their age and individual requirements; each parents emotional state, their attitude to the other parent and the attitudes they portray to their children; which adult(s) are providing income, etc
  • In the interest of continuity, consistency and established professional presence, a primary and secondary case manager must work with families throughout their journey. Denied access visits will be immediately investigated, further denied access visits will require both parents reporting to objective authorities to discuss shifting custodial arrangements.
  • Maintenance and support based on income after tax, not before tax.
  • Property and other significant possessions owned prior to a relationship will remain the possession of the individual, with other possessions allocation in an appropriate split which must not result in either parent being more or less burned than they were before entering into the relationship.

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