Medicare (Healthcare)

We all pay taxes to provide fundamental services to the community. Health is a fundamental taxpayer funded service which needs to be available to everyone in an affordable, practical and cost effective manner.

Taxpayer funded utilities exist to provide a functioning service, private corporations exist for profit – two totally different outcomes with different results.
Healthcare needs to focus on peoples’ positive health outcomes, not corporate profit – don’t privatise Medicare.

Any entity which commercialises healthcare must not receive taxpayer funding unless they demonstrate that their profits are being used solely to provide positive, objective, non-evangelical health outcomes for their recipients.

Any entity which commercialises healthcare with evangelical and/or religious focus who does not pay shire rates and/or taxes, and/or any other fees with similar concept, but who has financial and other resources and investment available through any of its directly or indirectly controlled subsidiaries, investment operations or partner companies must not receive taxpayer funding, nor have access to any rebates or other discounts.

Taxpayer funding for commercial entities is situationally dependent and can be revoked at any time if criteria are not met. Entities don’t deserve our tax money when they don’t play by the rules.

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