National Broadband Network (NBN)

Review funding, policy, process and research methods with allowance for demographics and cost-benefit analysis to establish a solid foundation for fast, large scale, long term, reliable, adaptable network infrastructure.

Important elements:

  • Any national network to be Government/taxpayer owned at a wholesale level to ensure the network has a good quality of service rather than wholely or partially privatised and operated for profit at the expense of quality.
  • Government owned wholesaler to sell access to private entities to compete for customers and encourage competition at the retail level.
  • Consult with highly skilled and experienced industry groups and individuals who have extensive business and technical knowledge related to planning, building, maintaining and improving complex networks.
  • Long term plan for Fibre To The Home (FTTH) or other reliable, long term, high speed, high throughput, adaptable and capacity expandable infrastructure.
  • Investigate existing, current and available technologies to understand:
    • What level of deterioration exists in existing infrastructure to determine funding required for necessary reliable repairs until comprehensive infrastructure roll-out is available.
    • Which hardware is available which could be easily upgraded/modified to provide initial speed enhancements to users until comprehensive infrastructure roll-out is available.
    • That any work which is done on the existing network can be used or utilised during transition to assist in a completed comprehensive infrastructure roll-out.
  • Building nationwide infrastructure which allows easy, reliable, efficient and practical maintenance.
  • Practical methods to deliver high speed with reference to demographics and population distribution in areas with poor/unservicable connection without unnecessary compromise on redundancy during non-standard situations. ie power failure.

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