Animal welfare

Humans are animals, we can be very greedy and selfish, just look at what we do to ourselves, our environment and other animals who we share(d) it with.

  • Animals must not be caged and/or otherwise unreasonably confined other than for rehabilitation and/or health and safety related purposes of the shortest possible duration.
  • Animals must not be confined in and/or otherwise subject to harsh, inhumane and/or other conditions which we wouldn’t willingly impose on ourselves and/or don’t reflect actions undertaken against them by their natural predators in their natural conditions.
  • Pet shops must stop caging and selling life; they must use their resources to find foster families instead.
  • I doubt other animals would like to be caged, I know I wouldn’t, that’s why I don’t have caged pets, our pets are the native animals who come and go from our yard at their own free will.
  • Stop live exports: there’s got to be a better way for the animals with better economic outcomes for affected industries.

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