What I stand for

Honesty, integrity, accountability, ethics, transparency and efficiency.
  • Truth, accountability, transparency and efficiency in the Government, Public Service and corporations.
  • No taxpayer funded bailouts.
  • Review processes and penalties for any individual or organisation who knowingly mishandle customer or taxpayer funds.
  • Review not-for-profit organisations to ensure their tax liability status and responsibility to the community is honoured.
  • Any organisation whose members are found quality to be involved in abuse should pay compensation.
  • A voting system which has integrity and works to ensure that a candidate needs votes, not technicalities, to be elected.
  • Ban political donations – Members of Parliament work for voters, not lobbyists.
  • Better funding and better funds management for:
    • Adequate research for continued effective ecological management.
    • Fundamental services and infrastructure
    • Programs to help disadvantaged people sell build confidence, develop skills, become self reliant and build a better future.
    • Renewable energy initiatives and incentives.

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