Be involved

Would you like to help spread the word?

My logic is simple: if you like what I have to say, please spread the word.

You can be involved by sharing my page and/or my links, “like” my page on Facebook, talk to your friends and family about me, mention me in discussions with your workmates, or any other way you wish to voluntarily support my campaign.

Even if you’re not in my electorate, your family or friends might be. If more people in the country know about me and what I stand for, I have a better chance of being noticed.

Existing parties are well-established and have a large enough number of guaranteed voters to ensure their continued position in parliament; I have to keep making noise so people notice what I’m saying and put a “1″ next to my name next time they’re at the ballot box.

Thank you all for any support you wish to offer.

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