600 votes and counting!! Thank you to…

600 votes and counting!! Thank you to…
Achan, my sole volunteer and marketing advisor who shared the amazing campaign journey with me.
Gil, who volunteered his extensive expertise and experience throughout the journey.
My family and friends who continue to support and encourage me!
Everyone in my community who voted for me or thought about voting for me.
Everyone I met who shared their experiences with me, and to those I have yet to meet…
Everyone who supported me on this amazing journey.
I thank you all!

Congratulations to Brisbane Central’s elected Member, and the elected Government. Lets see you honour your word and keep your promises to the people. I’ve got my eye on you…

Next time it won’t be 600 votes, it will be 6,000.
This is just the beginning.

Kai Jones – Your Independent

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Your politician: The Happy Policy… Caution: may have unknown effects on political parties.

The Happy Policy
Directions: To be taken at any time. Intended to cause smiles, happiness and laughter. Caution: may have unknown effects on political parties. #KaiJonesIndependent #qldvotes #qldpol #HappyPolicy

Presenting: The Happy Policy!

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Positive policing = happy drivers! :D

Something positive in the media and a refreshing change to public perception of police work! Thanks Michelle for the link. #SafeDriving #GoodDriving #RewardingPositivity

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